Ore-laden barges head for Panaji port


The process of transporting the ore through barges for export began on Saturday afternoon, after the department of mines and geology issued the approval to a trading company.
Sources said two ore-laden barges were seen navigating the Mandovi river for the first time after many months and heading towards the outer anchorage of Panaji port.Another barge was being loaded at the Sirsaim jetty on Saturday evening.
The department has approved export of 70,000 tonnes of iron ore by Prime Minerals Exports Pvt Ltd, a company belonging to the Fomento group.
Reacting to the government's issuance of the no objection certificate for export of ore, environmentalists termed it as a violation of the Supreme Court order, which has banned the transport and export of iron ore in the state.
Prime Minerals Exports Pvt Ltd has stated that it has sourced extracted ore from neighbouring areas in Maharashtra. [TOI]