Over Rs 8 lakh stolen in Chinchinim


In a daring daylight robbery, unidentified culprits broke into a shop dealing in foreign exchange services at Chinchinim and made off with Indian and foreign currency worth over 8 lakhs, after assaulting the lone employee manning the shop. The incident occurred at around 3.15 pm on Tuesday.
Police sources said that three persons came on a motorcycle and after entering the shop, one of them struck a conversation with the shop attendant, Jeetendra Lotlikar, on the pretext of making foreign exchange transactions. While Lotlikar was busy attending to the inquiries, one among them hit Lotlikar on the head with an iron rod. As Lotlikar collapsed on the ground, the trio made off with Indian currency.
Lotlikar shouted for help but by the time locals could come to his rescue, the culprits had made good their escape on the motorcycle. [TOI]