‘Over-speeding could be cause of Khed tragedy’


The Mapusa transport inspector, Mr Minesh Tar, who was part of the Goa team sent to Khed in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra after the tragic accident which claimed 37 lives, said on Wednesday that as per his findings the bus fell on its right side which is a clear indication that the driver was overspeeding due to which he lost control of the bus.
It is learnt that when the driver got an indication that the bus was going down he managed to save himself from his window door.
Elaborating his point, Mr Tar said, “The Khed bridge is very narrow bridge, which does not make it possible for two vehicles to go over it at a time.. Had the driver allowed another vehicle to pass by the bus should have fallen on its left side. But falling on its right side clearly indicates that the whole blame should be on the driver.”
Stating that the driver of the ill-feted bus has been arrested, the transport director, Mr Arun Desai said that as per the Khed police, the driver lost control over the bus that resulted in the tragedy, while the fellow driver who drove  the bus up to Kudal in Sindhudurg district was also killed in the accident.
The Khed police have ruled out alcohol consumption by the driver. But it is learnt that they have sent a blood sample for testing.
Many bus drivers working on such long-distance routes told The Navhind Times that the working conditions on such long-distance buses were sometimes abysmal, with some buses do not have  adequate number of stand-by drivers. Sometimes drivers do not get a good cabin to sleep.
The ill-fated bus was registered in Maharashtra and it is not known whether transport officials from that state conduct any training for drivers on maintaining the required speed.  Many times such drivers are not trained on maintaining the required speed, they opined. [NT]