Pagui walks off stage


Poinguinim ZP member Daya Pagui walked off the stage at the concluding function of Lokosthav 2013 at Amone-Poinguinim on Sunday, alleging shabby treatment by the organizers.
Pagui reportedly blamed Sports Minister Ramesh Tawadkar for undermining and abusing his due protocol as an elected member from the area.
Before walking off the stage, Pagui was noticed having discussions with Tawadkar, Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza and Industries Minister Mahadev Naik for apparently not listing him to speak on the occasion.
Pagui, who was wearing a guest badge of the function, rose from his seat soon after the deputy chief minister completed his speech, and the compere called upon Rajya Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh and ST Morcha National President Fagansingh Khulasthe to speak.
Pagui shook hands with the deputy chief minister and the industries minister and walked off the stage and came down, where media and press were seated, removed the guest badge, placed it on the table and sat on a vacant chair.
Pagui later told reporters that he was strongly protesting the shabby treatment given to him by the Lokosthav-2013 organizing team and particularly by the sports minister.
“I was not permitted to speak despite holding the event in my Poinguinim Zilla constituency,” stated Pagui.
“The Lokosthav is being held only for the ST people and Tawadkar would have allowed me to speak if I was member of the ST community. I strongly protest this treatment to me as an elected member,” alleged Pagui.  [H]