The Capital City of Goa offers a variety of visual delights. From the hill-top 'Altinho', one can see the panoramic view of the sea. Panaji's Portuguese heritage can still be seen from its narrow winding streets, old houses with overhead hanging balconies and red-tiled rooftops. At Fontainhas, one can almost be back in the Portuguese days since it has retained its old charm and character. Within the commercial heart of the city rises majestically, the white-washed 'Church of the Immaculate Conception' founded in 1540.

On the Riverside is the 'Secretariat', formerly the summer palace of 16th Century Ruler, Yusuf Adil Shah. Nearby is the statue of the famed 'Abbe Faria' a goan priest renowned for his hypnotic powers. 18th June Road is a bustling business area and shops here sell everything from cashew nuts to leather goods to household items. The "Azad Maidan Square' houses a beautiful pavilion with classical Corinthian columns and is a place for political and cultural programmes. There are numerous bars and cafes in Panaji and the best way to experience the place is to take a walk or just watch the sunset on the long boulevard along River Mandovi's edge.