Panchas suspect foul play in Ponda PI’s transfer


Condemning the recent transfer of Ponda PI Sagar Ekoskar to the Goa Reserve Police (GRP), Veling-Priol-Cuncoliem panchas on Tuesday decided to petition Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to know the reasons behind the transfer.
Addressing a press conference in Ponda on Tuesday, Sarpanch Damodar Naik, panchas and a ZP member suspected “foul play” in the transfer of PI Ekoskar and said they will garner support from rest of the panchayats in Ponda taluka to urge Parrikar to revert Ekosker to Ponda police station or to another police station in the State.
Panch Adv Varadh Mardolkar claimed that PI Ekoskar, during his posting in Ponda, acted strictly against various illegalities, and the recent case being black-marketing of rice.
“We need such brave hearts and I feel sad that Ekoskar has been posted to the GRP. It is a known fact that GRP posting is a kind of punishment, but to an honest and capable officer like Ekoskar is uncalled for,” stated Mardolkar.
“Such a haphazard decision of the government will send a wrong signal and will deter police officers from performing their duties sincerely,” added Mardolkar.
“The transfer is reportedly linked to the black-marketing of rice and it will be wise to conduct judicial inquiry into the matter and we will know who are the big sharks involved in the racket,” said Mardolkar.
Damodar Naik stated that Ekoskar was honest officer and it’s injustice to transfer him to the GRP. “If at all government is serious on curbing crime, then such officers should be posted at police stations and not GRP,” he said.
ZP member Shivdas Gaude, Panchas Prashant Priolkar, Jaynath Naik, Karishma Naik and a villager, Krishnanath Naik, were present for the press conference.
It may be recalled that PI Ekoskar was transferred with immediate effect from November 14. He was posted at Ponda Police station on April 17. [H]