Panel to study textbook possibility of Cuncolim revolt

 Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday assured Cuncolim's residents that their demand to include the 1583 revolt against the Portuguese in Cuncolim in school curriculum would be considered.

Calling Cuncolim's residents unique from the rest of Goa on account of this historical happening, Parrikar said of the 16 village chieftains who died for swaraj (political freedom) and swadharma (freedom of religion), "I highly respect their fight against imperialism and what they have done. Their bravery and fighting spirit have to be recognized." The 429th anniversary of the Cuncolim revolt was celebrated in the village in July.

Residents of the village, particularly the Cuncolim Chieftains Committee (CCC), have been demanding that the government "put history in the right perspective" by recognizing the 1583 revolt as the first movement against foreign rule in India.

Promising to set up an independent committee for the same, Parrikar said, "The committee will study all the matter as there is a need for such a study. It will take the suggestions of the residents and it will be independent so that there can be no accusations of the BJP trying to saffronize the issue." He said the education department would be involved too.

On residents' demands for the proposed beautification of the chieftain's memorial, Cuncolim MLA Subhash 'Rajan' Naik said they were meeting the town and country planning department as they needed their permission. The beautification, to be taken up as a golden jubilee signature project is estimated to cost 40 lakh. [TOI]