Panels formed in Ponda with eye on PMC polls


The Ponda Vikas Samitti (PVS), has been formed by citizens in Ponda town, with an eye on the forthcoming Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) elections.
Despite claiming to be non-political, many people are affiliated to the Congress figure in the PVS.
It may be recalled that political bigwigs from the MGP and BJP camps had earlier addressed a public meeting in Ponda under the banner ‘Ponda Citizens Committee’ due to the municipality polls scheduled in February next year.
The PVS was formed on Wednesday at a meeting attended by about 100 people from Ponda Municipal area and neighbouring Curti-Khandepar Panchayat.
The Ad-Hoc committee of the PVS, where majority of the people are affiliated to the Congress party, claimed that PVS will be a non-political organisation and will work to elect good candidates to the PMC.
Interestingly, Ponda Block Congress Committee President John Pereira is among the members of the ad-hoc committee of the PVS.
“Though there are Congressmen in our organisation, PVS is totally a non-political organisation. There won’t be any political interference in our functioning. We will work and support a good candidate in all the 13 wards of the PMC,” informed PVS Secretary Milind Mhadgut at a press briefing in Ponda on Thursday.
Ram Kunkoliekar is the president, while Ashok Naik, Arun Gudekar, Anand Naik and John Pereira are elected as members of the PVS Ad-Hoc Committee. [H]