Parents decide to fund diesel for Bal Rath

In a desperate bid to get a state-run school bus to make an additional trip, a group of parents have decided to provide diesel to run the Indira Bal Rath bus at the MIBK High School at Khandepar-Ponda.

This peculiar situation arose after parents of about 45 students, who attend evening classes, wanted the school bus to transport their children as well.

According to sources, the government provides Rs 12,000 worth of diesel to the school bus which is insufficient to cater to additional trips.

“There are over 1,100 students from Std V to X and given a surge in the number of students (203) in Std V, the management is forced to conduct classes in two sessions. However, the funds were insufficient to provide school bus services to students in the evening session,” said MIBK High School Headmistress Seeta Kunkoliekar.

“We had initially decided to stop the evening bus services. However, about 45 parents requested us to continue the bus services and assured to contribute towards the excess diesel required to run the bus,” Kunkoliekar added.

At a meeting, the 45 parents preferred to provide diesel to ensure bus services in the evening session, as it would be far cheaper than hiring a private bus operator.

It is learnt that the process to obtain another bus under the Indira Bal Rath scheme has already been initiated by the school management and the school hopes to get another bus within a month. [H]