Parents fear is threat to adventure sports: Tawadkar


Is the government’s slogan of family planning threatening the survival of adventure sports activities in the State?
If Sports Minister Ramesh Tawadkar is to be believed, parents with 1-2 children are reluctant to send them for adventures sports and activities, for fear of injuries and other danger. 
Addressing a press conference ahead of the three-day Lukosthav-2013, scheduled from January 4 at Adarsh-Gram in Amone-Poinguinim, Tawadkar suggested that small families are unlikely to promote adventure sports.
“Chodxim avoi-bapui, family plannigak lagon, ekuch Bab anic Bai aslean, tanche khub lad cortat and burgeank ghara-bhaile khell khellunk bondi ghaltat. Osle khell khellear applea apurbaiechea eka or dogam bhurgeank mar lagtolo or dhuk’ zatoli mhunn beitat. Haka lagon, vosle khell nopoit zalleat, anic ami chodxe heo activities visorleat.” (Many of those parents who have 1-2 children are reluctant to send them for adventure and outdoor sports. They are afraid that their child could get injured with such activities and hence, these adventure activities are being forgotten).
“We are trying to revive these adventurous activities on a larger scale at the Lokosthav-2013. We invite youngsters and others to participate in various adventurous activities/competitions, including the Burma Bridge, Commando Bridge, Wall-Climbing, Rappelling, Net Crossing and Boating (Pedaling and Rowing),” said Tawadkar, who incidentally is also the Working Chairman of Lokosthav-2013.
Adventure activities will be held for school students (Std-VIII to X) of Canacona Taluka on January 5, while the competition will be open for all on January 6. 
Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will attend an inaugural function scheduled for Saturday morning, even as activities will actually begin from Friday.
The three-day 13th Lokosthav-2013 will include traditional, cultural and social events andis being organised by Adarsh Gram Vikas Saunstha (Amone) in collaboration with Adarsh Yuva Sangh, Balram Gram Vikas Saunstha, Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, and Tribal Welfare Department.
Other events at the Lokosthav-2013 include street plays, solo/group singing, poetry, painting, Rangoli, quiz, group dance, monologue, fancy dress, folk dances (Fugadi, Dhalo, Dandiya, photography, Mustayki, Malla Vinnap, broom-making, rope-weaving, 
The Lokosthav-2013 will also have various local and traditional games, such as Logoryo, Vithi Dando, Langadi, etc. [H]