Parents to meet school management, PTA today


Heated exchanges are expected when the parent teachers association (PTA) and the management of the school, where a seven -year-old girl was raped, will meet parents on Thursday morning. The school has a strength of 967 primary students.
The parents, who are furious and have a number of queries to be asked, will meet the management as well as the PTA members. The meeting, which will take place in the premises of the higher secondary section, will have tight security provided by the CISF and police personnel. A management source said, "Not only will the parent's queries be answered, suggestions will also be taken so as to make the functioning of the school smooth."
The general secretary of the management, told TOI, "Entry for the parents will be given only if they produce the identity card of their child."
Members of the school management had a meeting with the South Goa collector on Wednesday afternoon, where they have assured to make a fixed deposit of a substantial amount on Thursday in the victim's name which she can use after the age of 18. Medical expenses will also be reimbursed.
The PTA chairman, said, "Yes there was a security lapse. If the security was alert enough then this unfortunate incident could have been avoided." He further said that, "Exactly two days prior to the incident, that is on Saturday, in a meeting the school authorities were again reminded to improve security."
A source also said that a number of letters were written to the management urging them to increase the height of the compound wall and increase security guards. All the warnings were given to the management well in advance and they were reminded about it again and again.
PTA chairman further added, "Nobody is talking about the CISF personnel who was on duty on that day. Strict action should be taken and he should be grilled thoroughly." [TOI]