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Parking problem plagues Sanguem

Sanguem:  With no designated places for parking, either for private or government vehicles, haphazard parking of vehicles has become the order of the day in Sanguem town.And even though the haphazard parking of vehicles has had little impact on the movement of vehicles during the all these years, the problem now stands compounded, due to the rise in the number of vehicular traffic, and has turned grave over the last few years.Moreover, with the increasing number of four-wheelers by each passing day, the problem becomes uncontrollable at times and leads to chaos, particularly during the market days of Sunday and Wednesday.In the absence of any designated parking places, the ‘pilots’ (yellow and black motorcycle owners) are seen occupying the open place next to the bus shed proceeding to the Uguem and Bhati, while the rickshaw operators park their vehicles in the little space available at the Sanguem bus stand, in front of the commercial shop building owned by the Sanguem Municipality.  The public carriage vehicles and tempos use the narrow internal roads proceeding to Cotto and Muslimwada to park their vehicles during idle time.While the parking of either of these public transport vehicles does not cause too much of a problem to the public in general, the problem becomes grave due to the haphazard parking by private vehicle owners all around the market place in Sanguem.
In the absence of designated parking places for private vehicles, locals and visitors to Sanguem are left with no other alternative but to park their vehicles wherever little place available for parking in the open market. Sometimes four-wheeler owners are also seen parking in zones notified as ‘No Parking Zones’ and State highways.On any given day, the stretch of State highway proceeding towards Sanguem police station is now frequently used by the private vehicle owners to park their vehicles. Similarly, the ‘No Parking Zone’ notified in front of the Government Complex, Sanguem is also used by the private vehicle owners in blatant disregard to law.The internal road proceeding to the present building which houses Sanguem Municipality and also the stretch of road in front of Government Primary Health Centre, Sanguem is also occupied by private vehicle owners to park their vehicles in the absence of any place for parking of private vehicles.Incidentally, though the authorities including traffic police officials regularly issue challans for parking of vehicles at no parking zones and on the State highway, the practice has been discontinued as all the CCTV cameras installed for the purpose all over the town area have become defunct, barely few months of their installation.With the system of irregular parking going out of hands, the Yuva Sena has taken up the issue.And the  Yuva Sena chief Amar Naik along with others handing over a memorandum to the Chairperson of Sanguem Municipal Council Suryadatt Naik to tackle the issue of haphazard parking of vehicles in the town area and to ease the problems faced by the common man, particularly those visiting the market area to make purchases. [H]

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