Paroda panchayat ghar project in limbo


Paroda  panchayat ghar politics is now out of the box. A proposal  for  construction of panchayat  ghar cum market complex,  moved two years ago, during the Congress regime, has been now  held back by the  BJP-led government, claimed the Paroda sarpanch, Mr  Deepak Kharangate.
Various sections of Land Acquisition Act were imposed (October 5, 2011 notification) to acquire a land admeasuring around 8000 sq mts near the Paroda church, Mr Kharangate said, “The government had considered our genuine demand for panchayat ghar cum market complex two years ago and had started the process of land acquisition.  On October 5, 2011, a notification was issued on a English  daily to that effect. However,   the entire process of land acquisition was stopped when the BJP government came to power.”
The sarpanch alleged that there is a party politics. “I say so, because before the panchayat could receive a letter opposing the project,  the local BJP supporters were already having the copy in their hands and were showing it during the last November gram sabha,’’ argued the sarpanch.
He said  that the government  held it back claiming the proposed land for acquisition is low lying and agricultural land.
“I  wish to clarify  that  all the lands in Paroda are low lying and flood in the monsoon. If it was the reason, why did the government authorties continue the process till it reached Section 7 of the Land Acquisition Act? There is a party politics in it, which is in bad taste and would not help the panchayat  to progress,” remarked the sarpanch.[NT]