Parrikar hits back, says Reginaldo is not govt


“Who is Reginaldo. Why should I answer to what Reginaldo says or comments”, was how Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar reacted when newsmen asked him whether he would now re-notify the acquired land for Dabolim airport parking since the Congress spokesman has admitted of  a scam by the party government.
During an informal chat with newsmen after inaugurating a HDFC Bank branch in Fatorda on Monday morning, Parrikar said “Reginaldo is not the government. Why should the government do something because someone wants.”
Parrikar said he has been clear that the government will do everything and will acquire the land for parking if it is required. “You will get the reply at the right time on the government’s move on the airport parking. The Airport Authority of India also has to answer many questions on the parking episode. The government would also like to know what they have done with the land made available to them in the past”, Parrikar said, adding that there are so many aspects and issues which will have to be discussed by the government vis-à-vis airport parking.
When newsmen pointed out that Congress spokesman Reginaldo Lourenco has admitted that the Congress has committed the Dabolim Airport parking scam and has thrown a challenge at him to re-notify the de-notified land, Parrikar shot back “What should I answer to what Reginaldo says. Who is Alex Reginaldo. He does not understand what he says”.
Replying to another question, the Chief Minister said he would hold a meeting with officials of the Airport Authority of India to discuss all aspects of the Dabolim Airport parking.
The Congress spokesman had on Saturday dared the Chief Minister to re-notify the de-notified land and alleged that Parrikar was a double beneficiary of the scam which  was started during the Congress rule. [H]