Parrikar’s all-party meet on mining exposes his duplicity: Vijai

Independent MLA Vijai Sardessai on Thursday said that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s all-party meet formula exposes government’s duplicity to resolve the mining impasse.

He blamed the government and the BJP MLAs for instigating the people of the mining areas and mining dependents against the opposition. “Parrikar’s decision to convene an all party meeting appears a climb down from his confrontationist attitude and his super inflated ego. But, the utterances by BJP MLAs blaming me and Reginaldo Lourenco for the halt in mining, exposes the duplicity of the ruling party and government,” he said.

Whilst expressing solidarity with those affected by the mining ban, Sardesai said the chief minister could not absolve himself for being responsible for shutting down mining activity in the State especially after having claimed that the Shah Commission report was a vindication of the PAC report authored by Parrikar himself.

“The BJP was now trying to instigate the people against the opposition since the fallout of the closure was becoming difficult to handle for the government,” he said and wondered whether the government, which had confronted the Centre and in particular the Environment Ministry, was contemplating on an all party meet, now that many in Goa especially some BJP MLA’s were openly voicing their discontentment over government’s handling of the mining issue.

He also questioned the government’s silence on the Church’s stand and in particular the CSJP statement that mineral wealth of the State should belong to the people and not a select few who have looted the State of thousands of crores.

Whilst expressing his support for the Church’s view, Vijai Sardesai said the government was trying to pull wool over people’s eyes by filing a few cases against political opponents and suspending few government officials without focusing on the issue of recovering the loot from the mine owners and others who have benefited from the plunder of the State’s mineral resources for so many years. He stated that the government’s silence could be on account of the donation the ruling party received from mining companies which have now come under the scanner of the Election Commission.

Sardesai also reiterated that legal mining in the State should only commence with the State and the people benefiting from the extraction and export of the mineral wealth of the State and not a select few. [H]