Parrikar’s like Salazar, chides Babu


Former Provedoria Minister, Babu Azagaonkar, has said he was neither worried nor surprised after the Anti-Corruption Bureau filed a case against him. 
He, however, cautioned the government that people of Goa will not keep quiet and show Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar, his place if he fails to function as per democratic norms.
“The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau comes under the control of the CM. What can you expect from these agencies when the CM is out to target his political opponents?” Babu said, while expressing his willingness to face any inquiry by the ACB on the Provedoria issue.
The former Panchayat Minister came down heavily on Parrikar, equating the BJP led rule to the rule of Portuguese dictator Salazar. “Parrikar is now acting like the Portuguese Salazar. He is filing cases against all those who talk against his government. Even in the Assembly, he is a one-man show. But he cannot take the people of Goa for granted,” Babu added.
Replying to a question, Babu said if the file concerned was kept pending in the Provedoria during his tenure, the officer should have taken the file. “Why was the file not taken from the department?” he questioned.  [H]