Parrikar wants to ban fishing by high speed boats, bull trawling


While mooting stringent punishment and promising additional interceptor boats for the coastal police to deter Karnataka fishing vessels from venturing into Goan waters, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has favoured a ban on fishing by high speed boats and bull trawling to prevent over exploitation of fish resources.
He has also promised to take the issue with the Karnataka Fisheries Minister, saying fishing boats from neighbouring area in Goan territorial waters is violation of the law.
 Visiting Cutbona fishing jetty at the invitation of fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado and Velim MLA Benjamin D’Silva, a day after the seizure of 11 Karnataka fishing vessels, Parrikar told agitated boat owners that there will be no stop in the seizure and prosecution of outside vessels straying into Goan waters. “We will seize the vessel and chargesheet the owners. This will deter them and they will stop coming once it becomes an uneconomical activity for them”, he said.
When boat owners drew attention of the catch of fish, including shrimp eggs, seized from the seized vessels, Parrikar said “this is blatant illegal. They cannot overexploit the fish resources like this. These high speed and bull trawling scrap the bottom for fish. This will damage the fishing industry. The law does not permit this”, he asserted.
When his attention was drawn to the poor infrastructure available with the coastal police, Parrikar demanded to know from SP Waman Tari whether the department has no money even to purchase batteries for the interceptor boats.
The Chief Minister assured to provide additional boats for the coastal secuirty police to closely monitor the coast line. He promised to take up the issue with the Karnataka fisheries minister.
He replied in the positive when asked whether Goan authorities can stop fishing vessels from other states from fishing in the state’s territorial waters.  [H]