Parsekar wants panchayats to take up ‘useful’ projects


Panchayat Minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Tuesday stated that panchayats should take up projects which will be useful to the society.
He was speaking at Panarim-Aldona after laying the foundation stone for a community hall in the presence of Water Resource Minister Dayanand Mandrekar and Aldona MLA Glen Souza Ticlo.
 Speaking further, he said the community hall for which he has laid the foundation stone does not have parking facilities at all. “Secondly, this project is just by the side of roads and as such it will prove to be hurdle for vehicular traffic in the long run. Hence, the sites for community projects should be selected properly so that there is no wastage of public money,” he stated. 
Water Resource Minister Dayanand Mandrekar stated that during the course of the last one year, his department has spent nearly Rs 10 crore on developmental works in Aldona. “There is no scarcity of funds. What is required is the initiative on the part of panchayats to plan developmental activities in coordination with their local MLA,” said Mandrekar.
Aldona MLA Ticlo also spoke on the occasion. Aldona acting Sarpanch Charudatta Panjiker proposed the vote of thanks. [H]