Patronise Amcho Avaz: Fr Conceicao


 Charismatic preacher and Parish Priest of Taleigao Church, Fr Conceicao Da Silva on Monday said that late Jack Sequeira worked tirelessly to save Goan identity and promote Roman script, but lamented that Goans were fooled by unscrupulous leaders by imposing Devnagiri script on them.
He was speaking at the golden jubilee celebration Lawry Travasso’s Tiatr Pisudlelim Fulam and felicitation of all members of his troupe at the Ravindra Bhavan here on Monday.
He took pot shots at elected representatives for espousing the cause of Devnagiri without even knowing to read and write. “Late Jack Sequeira worked for Romi script and to save Goa. But, Goans have been fooled when Devnagiri was imposed on them”, he lamented.
Fr Conceicao drew attention of the audience to the move made by Eric Ozario, Mangalore to get official language status for Romi, Devnagiri and Kannada scrips for Konkani language.
Fr Conceicao complimented Travasso for conveying a powerful message via the Tiatr and bring the reality before the people. he also urged the people to patronize Amcho Avaz and congratulated Herald’s Managing Director Raul Fernandes for coming out with the Konkani newspaper in Roman script. [H]