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Pegasus X – A Literary Legacy

Imagine. Create. Inspire. This was seen at Pegasus, thetenth edition of the collegiate English literature festival at Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Gogol-Margao. The theme for this year was ‘Legacy’; there were 29 events looking back at the best of events over the last 9 years.Institutions offering English Literature at the undergraduate/postgraduate level participated in the events, which ranged from the innovative F.P.S – Frame Per Second (Stop Motion Animation) and Panache (Body Art), Just Deserts (The food challenge), Pssst! Tsssss! (The Graffitti challenge) to the classics – Zeitgeist (The News Show challenge), Run for your El Dorado – Dystopia (The Literary Amazing Race), No Empty Rhetoric (Debate).Every year, a special group of five events are kept for the best teams – The Laureate awards. This year, the number of events went up to seven. These participants competed in events chalked out for them.
The winners this year were Team Pennywise, English Dept, Goa University with the runners-up Team Madhatter, Rosary College, Navelim, followed by Team Valak, MES College, Vasco. Dhempe College and Parsekar College of Education came in Fourth and Fifth. With over 200 students participating and organising the events, this year capped a successful decade of competitions. A major highlight of the event were the team mascots that went around terrorising all in the college. The winner was Team Valak, with their depiction of the character from ‘The Conjuring’.A very special moment in the festival saw organisers of the last ten years gather together to celebrate the occasion. It was a nostalgic gathering of ex-students who reminisced the times when they too were in the throng of organising and managing the event.Asst Prof Andrew Barreto (Faculty In-charge) was overwhelmed with the response. “The best gift that any teacher can get is when students come back to be a part of a tradition that they themselves had started and nurtured. I am very proud of this event having reached this milestone! It’s only due to the efforts of the students over the years and the participating students that this event has been successful for so long. 10 years! This event is not only a fun event but a learning process and an applicative area for all those involved. I am excited to see where this event goes on from here in phase 2 over the next few years,” he said. [H]

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