Pension: Seamen for counter in Margao to submit forms


With the government finally implementing the pension scheme for the retired seafarers and widows, seafarers from Salcete and South Goa have called upon the Commissioner for NRI Affairs to streamline the procedure and open a counter in Margao for submission of the application forms.
Both the Goan Retired Seamen Welfare Association and the Goan Seamen Association of India have appealed to the NRI Commissioner  Dr Wilfred Mesquita to set up a counter for submission of forms for the benefit of the retired seafarers and widows.  
“The beneficiaries are the retired seafarers and widows. A counter in Margao would go a long way in mitigating their hardships and save them from traveling to Panjim just to submit their forms”, remarked Afron Dias, President of Goan Retired Seaman Welfare Association.
Vice-President of the Goan Seamen Association of India Franky Viegas said most of the beneficiaries may not be medically fit to travel to North Goa to submit the application forms. 
“GSAI has requested the NRI Commissioner to open up a counter for submission of the pension forms”, he added.
The Vice-President of the Goan Seamen Association of India  has underlined the need to simplify and streamline the entire procedure. “It has been brought to our notice that the talathis has made it a requirement to submit true Xerox copies of all the pages of the passport and CDC. We think it is advisable only to have their birth certificate, ration card, election card and education certificate (if available) for issuing the residence certificate”, Viegas added.
Franky Viegas pointed out that retired seafarers cannot comply with the particulars vis-à-vis company details and addresses, saying many a shipping company either do not exists due to takeover or have closed down.
When Herald drew the attention of NRI Commissioner, Dr Wilfred Mesquita to the grievances highlighted by retired seafarers and widows from South Goa, he said, he would discuss the matter with the NRI Director U D Kamat before working out a solution. [H]