Performing artists demand payment of last IFFI


The performing Artists Association of Goa has demanded that all artists who performed for IFFI 2012 but are yet to be paid be given a ‘special package’. 
In a press note issued, one Mario Barreto accused the Entertainment Society of Goa and the ESG of lording over a ‘five to six crore scam’.
 Barreto, the president of the performing artists association of Goa, which claims to be headquartered at Duler, Mapusa, said: “The government should announce a special package for the local artists who have not received their payments for the last four months because of which they are facing mental depression.” 
“There is a total scam of almost five to six crore in organising of the cultural programmes. The illegalities by officers… have resulted in holding of payments of small artists of Goa,” Barreto said. 
The ESG has been maintaining that payments are kept on hold because the government has not given them the money. “We have done all the paperwork. We’re just waiting for the government to send the money to the ESG,” Wagh had said when the issue first came up. [H]