Pernem locals accuse MLA of neglecting them in their bad times

Pernem: The flood affected people including farmers of Ibrampur, Khutwal, Chandel, Hasapur, Bailpar and Allorna villages have accused Deputy Chief Minister and Pernem MLA Manohar Ajgaonkar of neglecting them in their bad times.

“We condemn Pernem MLA Manohar Ajgaonkar for being irresponsible towards the people who got affected due to flooding. People were left without food, shelter and clothes and instead of providing these basic facilities, people had to make own arrangements and stay in temples and shades,” Advocate Jitendra Gaonkar alleged.

“When we went to nearby hospital, there were no medicines and the staff members were not available to treat patients suffering from fever. Being voters of Pernem constituency, our elected representative has neglected his own people, who only comes to them during election for votes, Vishram Naik a farmer charged.

“For six days, several families were abandoned. Being the local MLA, Ajgaonkar did not provide any facilities nor shifted the people to safe places. People had to stay in other houses. Over 30 people were staying in single house during the flood situation”, Naik added. [H]