PG dentists seek CM’s assistance in stipend issue


The postgraduate students of the Goa dental college and hospital, Bambolim, are seeking the intervention of the chief minister after having pursued the matter of increasing their stipend with both the previous government and the chief minister's office for over a year.
"Wewish to bring to the notice of the authorities the issue pertaining to increase in the stipend of postgraduate students. The current stipend is 15000 per month, which is the lowest amount among all the government dental college and hospitals in India," said a representative of the body, speaking exclusively to TOI on Thursday.
While there are a total of 45 postgraduate students who are affected by the low stipend, they point out that that the clinical postgraduate students at the Goa Medical College (GMC) have also got an increase in their stipend and that the staff at both GMC and the GDC received their due increase in salaries.
"We postgraduates have been very patient and have approached this issue in a professional manner and have followed appropriate channels to express our difficulties, but the chief minister's office (CMO) has failed to reciprocate," added students.
They further explained that the increase was necessary as there has been an increase in the cost of necessary commodities and additional expenditure incurred by means of conferences, books and dental equipment, which are an integral part of the postgraduate curriculum.
The Goa dental college authorities said that they had received copies of the memorandum sent to the CMO and government authorities and that it was the decision of the government. While officials at the CMO's office stated that they had received the file pertaining to their demands, they not elaborate on any future course of action
"At every meeting, assurances were made that the stipend will be increased in the next few months and when the CMO was subsequently contacted, the issue was further postponed. We aim to make the authorities concerned aware of our plight and hope they realize the severity of the issue and necessary action is taken at the earliest," added the students. [TOI]