Pilerne locals furious over ‘wrong land declaration’


The Pilerne Citizens Forum has hit out at the Pilerne Communidade and also the Administrator of Comunidades in Mapusa for declaring a patch of land within the communidade as settlement, even as the land is marked as private forest and is under litigation. 
They have demanded sealing of the office of the Pilerne Communidade and a thorough inquiry into what they term as a ‘prime land scam’. However the Administrator of Communidades, Irene Sequeira, said she was only forwarding what was submitted to her by the Pilerne Communidade to the TCP. She did not rule out action against the attorney if she was given a complaint for filing wrong information.
“Whatever is the statement of the Pilerne Communidade, I have forwarded it. I have no issue nor any personal interest in it,” Sequeira told Herald. 
Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference, Paul Fernandes of the Pilerne Citizens Forum brandished documents, seeking to drive home the point that the patch of land was still marked as forest as per forest records as well as records of Town and Country department. 
“Administrator of Communidades, North Zone, writes a letter to the Town and Country Planning Department, Mapusa, with respect to the revised subdivision plan of land… which was reserved as forest zone (saying) it has been cleared by the forest department and that the said land is marked now as settlement zone. The same letter submits a revised subdivision for making additional plots and further calls on the TCP department to issue provisional NOC for the land owned by the communidade of Pilerne,” Fernandes told the media. 
 “However” he said “on the records of the forest department the land was still classified as private forest and there is no evidence of conversion either from the TCP, the village panchayat or even from the office of the Administrator of Communidades North Zone itself recording the conversion.” 
The PCF has demanded action against him. “Attorney of Pilerne Communidade has clearly misrepresented to the administrator of Communidades by stating that 18,000 square metres of survey No 31/1 has been removed from forest zone,” Fernandes said, adding that the government “is mandated by law to take action against all concerned officials and inquire into this land grab scam of prime land”.  [H]