Pillar to Post Cylinder cry

 For over 20 years the HP dealer in Mapusa has been supplying cylinders to customers' residences. A few days ago he started asking people to pay the amount at the time of booking and to collect the cylinder from the go-down.

This is OK if one has a four-wheeler and is below 60 years old. But what about senior citizens; how are they supposed to get a refill?

Bosco Vaz, Mapusa

Official Speak

Domestic LPG is a home-delivered product and should not be delivered to consumers from the go-down.

Ex-go-down deliveries can be made only in exceptional cases and with the consent of consumers along with a cash and carry rebate of 15.

Jacob Briansenior regional manager, HPCL

Road rue

On September 22, the consumer cell of the Siolim-Marna Child Welfare Committee wrote to the directorate of transport and the PWD regarding the accident prone zone on the Ganeshpuri-Marna road. The site inspection reports of the RTO and traffic police were also attached. We have yet to see any action in this regard.

Gregory E D'Souza, Siolim

Official Speak

We have proposed a bypass road that would be adjoining the existing 8m-wide road behind the chapel. We prepared the alignment report and, about 20 days ago, we sent the proposal to higher authorities to acquire land.

Senior official, PWD, Mapusa

Billing query

I would like to know what 'Elect Duty Charges' and 'Sundry Charges' in the electricity bill are for.

Tony de Cruz, via email

Official Speak

'Elect Duty Charges' are the duty charges, akin to a tax, applied to all electricity consumers. 'Sundry Charges' could be for anything from a bounced cheque, to a back-bill to an amount pending that the customer has at some point of time not paid.

It's best to check the printing of the bill properly as sometimes, if the alignment is wrong, another section's charges may appear to have been placed under 'Sundry Charges'.

Official, billing section,electricity department, Panaji [TOI]