Pinch pockets a bit more to watch tiatr


 From the ensuing Easter season, Goans will have to pinch their pockets a little extra while buying tickets for one of their favourite forms of entertainment ~ Konkani tiatr. The cost of entrance tickets in all auditoriums across the State has been hiked from the present Rs 70 to Rs 100, a nominal increase of Rs 30.
A press note issued here by the Tiatr Academy of Goa and signed by its President Prince Jacob stated that rising prices, high cost of inflation, high cost of living and frequent hike in petrol and diesel prices had made staging of tiatrs economically unviable. 
Recently, a group of popular tiatr writers and directors met to assess closely how the constant inflation was affecting their trade, even as the fraternity managed to assimilate the inflationary trends without passing the buck down to the consumers or tiatr goers.
The press note of TAG states that the stakeholders after debating the issue threadbare had come to a unanimous decision, though reluctantly, to hike the entrance ticket fees from Rs 70 to Rs 100.
It maintained that the nominal hike has been necessitated due to the rise in the cost of diesel which is directly affecting transportation charges, hall rental charges and cost of stage settings. There is also an increase in the cost of labour, cost of the newsprint, ticket printing costs and hike in advertisement rates by publishing houses, the note observed.
TAG stated that the present rate was justifiable in the given circumstances. “Tiatr lovers will also appreciate that Konkani tiatr is the cheapest form of entertainment in terms of its entrance ticket fees as compared to theatre in any other language, including Marathi and English,” Prince Jacob said.   [H]