Pissurlem locals up in arms over water pollution

Residents of Pissurlem village in Sattari taluka have complained about pollution of water resources in the vicinity of the Pissurlem industrial estate, to sarpanch Vijay Parab.

Speaking to TOI, Parab said, "Black coloured water from the pipe of a packaging company is repeatedly released in the seasonal nullah, and this has polluted water bodies in the area."

Milind Parab, a villager, agred, saying that "The water of our wells is polluted, and we are unable to use it for drinking or other domestic purposes. The trees are also badly affected due to pollution".

When contacted, Arjun Pujari, the administrative manager of Suraksha Packers, a company manufacturing corrugated boxes, said, "We have a soak pit inside the premises. We always treat water and no chemical residue is released. We take necessary care not to pollute water bodies."

The former sarpanch of Pissurlem, Deepaji Rane, from Kumbharkhan, said, "There is no check on water and air pollution caused by some industrial units in this area. Regular checks are the need of the hour." [TOI]