Plea to implement schemes for minorities


The minority department of the state Congress party led by Urfan Mulla, while expressing its displeasure over the state government, including the erstwhile Congress government, in implementing the central schemes for the welfare of the minorities in Goa, has demanded speedy implementation of the schemes.
In a meeting held with the Ahmed Patel, the political secretary of UPA chief Sonia Gandhi at New Delhi, recently, the delegation of the state Congress minority department complained that the minorities were being ignored by the state government as the members of the community have largely been unable to avail benefits of the welfare schemes, including the prime minister's 15-point programme.
Mulla, along with Kalim Pathan, Sameer Makandar, and Abdul Razak, comprised the delegation that met Patel, in which AICC secretary Aness Durani in-charge of minority department of India, was also present, sources informed.
Equitable availability of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), improving access to school education, providing greater resources for teaching Urdu, modernizing madarsa education, providing scholarships for meritorious students from minority communities, improving educational infrastructure through the Maulana Azad Education Foundation, facilitating self-employment and wage employment for the poor, upgradation of skill through technical training, enhanced credit support for economic activities, recruitment of minorities to state and central services, were some of the demands put forth by the state minority department at the meeting. [TOI]