Pleas for state support to art films get louder


Yet another media interaction with directors of the Indian Panorama section revealed their discontent over the lack of state support in terms of funding and infrastructure for unconventional cinema.
"What use is Indian Panorama to us besides the three-day accommodation and screening of our films? It does not go beyond that. Our films don't go anywhere from there. Doordarshan, initially kept slots for art house films that helped filmmakers cover costs incurred and increased visibility. We need that support," said Malyalam film director Biju, whose film Akashathinte Niram is part of the Indian Panorama section.
"New media has its limitations. The future of documentary filmmaking can be considered bright only if a formal avenue for exhibiting these films is established," said documentary filmmaker Sunanda Bhat in agreement with Biju. Bhat's documentary Ningal Aranaye Kando, is a metaphor for things chang ing."Even at Iffi, documentaries are immediately followed by a feature film, cutting down on the vital interaction between the audience and the documentary filmmaker," Biju said. Konkani filmmaker Dnyanesh Moghe supported the claim for more state support. "There is always room for more support for independent filmmakers," he said. [TOI]