Plots at Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat to be re-alloted

  The Infotech corporation of Goa limited will make fresh allotment of plots at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat at Dona Paula specifically to IT industries as per the IT policy of the government, Infotech corporation chairman Subhash Phaldesai said.

Speaking to TOI, the Sanguem BJP MLA said Infotech corporation has cancelled the plot allotments done earlier and taken back the plots. "The earlier allotment of plots was not genuine. There were doubts on the integrity of the earlier politicians and that is why there was unrest among people. There was no progress till 2011. When I took over, I proposed to abolish the allotments. A law was enacted and all 18 allotted plots were taken back," Phaldesai said.
The government had to pay Rs 138 crore to the earlier allottees to get the plots back. The government did this by availing a loan from EDC.
Phaldesai said Infotech corporation had received Rs 89.71 crore from the allotments. Along with that, the government had to pay back Rs 49 crore in interest, which adds up to Rs 138 crore. The money which had come in from the earlier allotments was spent on various projects. A sum of Rs 40 crore was spent on creating infrastructure at the IT Habitat at Dona Paula and Rs 14 crore was spent on the proposed IT park at Socorro. "We don't see any infrastructure either at Dona Paula or Socorro," Phaldesai said.
A sum of Rs 20-crore was spent on e-governance projects of the government but Infotech corporation will recover the money from the government.
Asked if Infotech corporation had any time frame for re-alloting the plots at Dona Paula, Phaldesai said plot allotments will be done within a year unless other hurdles or some legal problems arise. Also, necessary infrastructure at the IT habitat should be ready by then, he said.
Phaldesai said the government has a policy to promote only such industries at the IT habitat that will provide 80% jobs to Goan youth. Incentives to industries will be given based on the Goan workforce in these industries, he said.
There are a total of 20 plots at the IT habitat, so 20 industries can start operations there in the first phase. Phaldesai said there is an additional 64,000 sq m of land at Dona Paula adjoining the present site where the corporation plans to allot plots with built-up infrastructure specifically to new Goan entrepreneurs. [TOI]