PMC term witnesses six chairpersons


The sixth term of Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) ending on Wednesday had the highest number of six chairpersons.

The five-year term of PMC began on February 7, 2008, with Sanjay Naik elected as the chairperson and remained in the seat for over a year. Later, as per understanding between the councillors, Naik vacated the seat for Venkatesh Naik, who remained in the seat just for over 3 months, followed by Shailendra Shinkre, Pradeep Naik, Kishore Naik and Rukmi Dangui, who was elected in March last year remained in the seat till the term which ends on Wednesday.

Among the six chairpersons, Kishore Naik was in the chair for a longer period for over 16 months, followed by Sanjay Naik for almost 13 months.

It was only for the first two terms, PMC did not see any change in chairperson, however thereafter for three terms the council had more than one chairperson.

Joildo Souza Aguiar was elected chairperson during the first term (November 9, 1970, to October 5, 1976) and remained in the seat for full term. Similarly, from October 6, 1976 till October 5, 1981, Kazi Mohanod Peersahed was the chairperson.

From June 14, 1985, till June 13, 1990 (third term), the council had five chairpersons and it was a similar situation during the fifth term (September 6, 2001, to September 5, 2006). The chairperson’s seat, which was reserved for women during the fourth term (September 6, 1996, to September 5, 2001) had two chairpersons. [H]