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Pointing to the path of dedication and righteousness

Calado Productions’ 13th Lenten tiatr, ‘Man of God’, presented at two South Goa locations recently, was lapped up by its audiences.Besides impressive scripting and direction by Sebastiao Menino Caladobetter known by his stage name Calado de Verna ‘Man of God’ comprises 18 meaningful songs, including four cantts rendered by prominent Konkani singers Anthony San, Jr Reagan, Peter de Pedda, August de Calangute, Dacia Dias, Meena Goes and Lino Fernandes.The tiatr narrates the tale of a middle-aged coupled portrayed by Satyavan Tari and Dacia Dias. One day, the wife chances upon a will in her husband’s file stating that he stands to inherit the fortune of his film star boss, Elvis Gomendes’ (Peter de Pedda) for being a faithful employee. Despite the man’s best efforts to instil values of love, forgiveness and trust in his wife, the latter appears more concerned about making sure that Elvis doesn’t marry, as then her husband’s name would be deleted from the will.
Elvis, meanwhile, is deeply in love with a college-going girl called Meena (Meena Goes), who he spotted while attending an event as chief guest. And although he proposes to her, Meena is apprehensive of being deceived due to his celebrity status.
One day, Elvis is accosted by a gang of goons who blind him and brutally assault him. Just as they proceed to kill him, Elvis’ faithful employee intervenes, only to be murdered himself. It is subsequently revealed that the contract killers were hired by Elvis’ worker’s wife, who had set her eyes on his wealth. She ultimately realises that her explicit orders to do away with anyone who tries to protect Elvis backfire, as the goons have killed her own husband.One of the goons, Shana (August de Calangute), is subsequently advised by the parish priest (Calado de Verna) to give up his evil ways. The priest also counsels Meena, who is distressed over the horrifying acid attack on Elvis that has left him disfigured and jobless. Meena is also requested by a doctor (also played by August de Calangute) to take good care of Elvis. However, her UK-returned father (Satyavan Tari) who is proud of his wealth and societal status, coerces Meena to ditch Elvis due to his low caste.
Despite Meena refusing to oblige, Elvis, who overhears a conversation between the father and the daughter, leaves her home. He continues to be rejected by film directors for his ugly looks and even attempts suicide by poisoning himself. He is, however, rescued by the parish priest, who refers him to his US-based plastic surgeon friend for a makeover.The last scene shows Elvis being felicitated by MLA (Soccoro Calado) and the parish priest with the ‘Man of God’ award bestowed on him. In his acceptance speech, Elvis declares that he is now associated only in films about Jesus. Man of God’ wows in the music segments, too. The drama’s opening chorus, rendered by Jr Reagan on the lives of St Francis Xavier, St Jose Vaz and venerable Fr Agnelo D’Souza, highlights the miracle of a crab retrieving St Xavier crucifix from the sea and St Vaz being airborne whilst in deep prayer. Another memorable song is the trio sung by Jr Reagan, Peter de Pedda and August de Calangute on the vandalism of crosses and religious idols. Anthony San’s solos on 2017 marking the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal, and the protection offered to Goa by St Francis Xavier, also deserve special mention.
The musicians were led by Macroy Rodrigues on the trumpet, and comprised Menino Fernandes on the saxophone, Mariano Dias on the bass guitar, Aniceto Pereira on the drums, and Rohan Goes on the keyboards.Ripples of laughter that ran through the crowd bore testament to the impressive acts put up by Caitan Fernandes and Lino Fernandes, with able backing from Agnelo Dourado and Dacia Dias, in the realm of comedy.Lighting effects for the tiatr were handled by Romeo Colaco. [TOI]

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