Police file case against unknown persons for heckling RTI activists


Twenty days after the mining dependent people heckled RTI activists and disrupted their meeting at the CD Blue Chip, Margao, the Margao police have finally registered a case against 100 persons in connection with the incident.
The Margao police, however, preferred to register the case against unknown persons for  unlawful assembly, wrongful confinement, and issuing threats to the activists despite the fact that Goa RTI Forum secretary Srikhant Bharve had attached a photograph of the investigation officer, PSI Pravin Gawas stopping a person from coming close to activist Jose Marie Miranda.
When Herald contacted the Margao police, no officer was willing to throw light on the decision to register the case against unknown person, even as the complaint had specifically pointed out that the agitation was led by a relative of BJP ruling Sanguem MLA Subhash Faldessai.
Incidentally, it took the Margao police 20 days to register the case. First, the men-in-uniform led by district Police chief Shekar Prabhudesai took the alibi that there’s no complaint lodged by the activists against anyone vis-à-vis the incident. And, when Bharve finally lodged the complaint, they took time to register the offense saying the complaint is “under discussion” by the higher-ups.
The incident had occurred on March 2 evening at the CD Blue Chip confenrce hall, when a large number of mining dependent people descended at the venue of the meeting called by the Goa RTI Forum to discuss the various aspects of the Shah Commission on mining report. The meeting was to be addressed by activists Ramesh Gawas and Bhushan Bhave, but the duo did not turn up after the mining dependent people barged inside the meeting hall and the staircase leading to the hall.
In his complaint, Bharve said the mob had gathered in large numbers with an intention to cause injury/trouble/violence and assault on RTI Forum members. “The mob was instigated by mining mafia which is in collision with the authorities and politicians who have so far not acted against the said mob and instigators. This amounted to human right violation as a terror was created and there was peril and danger to life and liberty which are the basis of human rights”, Bharve had stated in his complaint.  [H]