Police should have immediately arrested attackers: Radharao


 Alleging that the  state government is  conniving  with those who attacked the  RTI activists at Margao, on Saturday,  the spokesperson of UGDP,  Mr Radharao Gracias,  opined that the police should have immediately  arrested the  attackers by exercising their powers.
Speaking to the media,  Mr Gracias said that  the gathered people had no right to disturb the meeting held at the  private  hall as it was the right of the individuals to have their opinion and added that the government  and the police had to protect these activists. 
It may be recalled that  the members of the Goa RTI Activists Forum  were allegedly attacked by the  mining-affected people in Margao  when  the activists were holding a seminar on the Shah Commission report.
Accusing the  government,  Mr Gracias, the  former MLA,  alleged  that “it is a direct  threat to the activists”, adding “this cannot be tolerated in Goa.”
“It was not a public meeting. They were not invited. What right do they have to disturb the meeting?  Police should have arrested them using  Sections  144, 143, 147 149  of the CrPC,’’ he added.
The spokesperson of UGDP was of the firm opinion that “all the mining  licences or leases  should be cancelled as the big  companies are  earning a lot of money without any investment.”  
“The government should  nationalise the mines and offer the contracts to the locals, especially, those affected by mining  so that they can earn much more and the state can also save more by eliminating the middle men — the mining companies,” he added.  [NT]