Polish national bitten by sea snake off Sinquerim

A Polish national was hurt while swimming in the sea off Sinquerim beach on Tuesday, but the nature of his injury sparked off speculation among the crowd on this North Goa beach, better known for the grounding of River Princess.

Michael Zurqwsla, 23, was swimming in a non-swim zone at around 12.30pm. Lifeguards noticed him walking out of the water and signalling for help. "He had sustained a bite on his leg and was bleeding," a bystander said. The lifeguards said the tourist was bitten by a metre-long fish.

He was administered first aid and rushed to the Candolim primary health centre for further treatment.

"An eel or a sea snake may have bitten him," Manoj Borkar, a marine zoologist said. Eels with are not found in sandy shores, but more shorelines with rocky strata. "The sea snakes often end up as a bycatch in fishing nets and are disentangled and thrown out," Borkar said.

Injuries from sea snake bites have been hardly reported on Goan beaches, sources said. [TOI]