Politicians responsible for Moti Dongor, chides Congress minority cell


The Congress Minority Commission Friday came out in support of the people displaced by the evictions from alleged illegal structures at Moti Dongor, calling them “poor” and claiming that they had been living there for the past 40 years or so.
“They have been living there for the past 40 years or so. They are mostly from the poor strata of society, all Niz Goenkars,” Saifulla Khan, chief of the minority commission told the media.
He accused the government of carrying out these evictions (in a systematic manner), earlier at Baina, next to the Fire Brigade and now at Moti Dongor. He demanded that the people be rehabilitated first before any evictions are done.
“Why allow them to build in the first place, if they were illegal? These people have electricity bills and election cards,” he said, and though he pointed out that politicians were responsible for creating this mess, he refused to name any one in particular.
Margao has been represented by Digamabar Kamat for almost a decade with a five-year stint as the chief minister of the state. [H]