Pollution of Paroda water canal irks locals


 Pollution of water in the Paroda canal due to inflow of sewage from nearby areas has worried some residents, but no action has been initiated so far, sources said. 
After its construction several decades ago, the canal is the main source of water for irrigation in villages along its course from Quepem town upto Chandor. Its water is also used by households, for domestic purposes especially bathing and washing clothes. 
Villagers allege that using its water for domestic purposes is risky as the flow from sewage tanks has polluted the canal in Quepem town. 
Umesh Netravalkar, a resident, had recently complained in writing to the Quepem municipal council (QMC) about the 'nuisance', seeking quick action. He had alleged that the sewage from multi-storied buildings on the banks of the canal is polluting it. "Residents are getting a foul smell from the discharge," he said. 
Authorities have not acted even after the complaint, he said. "I also verbally complained again to QMC chairperson Dayesh Naik ," Netravalkar said. 
Naik conceded that the problem exists, but passed on the buck to the health department. He said that as it is a health issue, the health officer of the primary health centre, Quepem, should initiate prompt action against the builders and disconnect their water connections if they fail to stop the nuisance. "The officer has been informed several times by our office about the issue," he added. 
Speaking to TOI, health officer Mamata Kakodkar stated that she will instruct the sanitary inspector to carry out a inspection at the earliest. "As of now, we have seen that sewage water is overflowing into the canal but cannot detect its source," she said. 
The QMC junior engineer's help will be taken to detect the source and notices will be issued shortly, she assured. [TOI]