Ponda municipal council to get 14th ward, Sanquelim municipal council to lose 2 wards to new Harvalem village panchayat


The urban development department has sought four months from the Goa state election commission to delimit the wards of Ponda municipal council (PMC) and Sanquelim municipal council (SMC). The councils' terms end in February 2013. But with PMC set to get a fourteenth ward and SMC set to lose two and return to being a 10-ward council, elections are expected to be postponed. SMC's two wards will be added to the new Harvalem village panachayat.
Deputy chief minister and UD minister Francis D'Souza said the government wants to have both elections at the same time. "A census has just been completed and it shows a rise in population in the Ponda municipal council area. Besides the government wants to bring parity among all wards of Ponda town," he said.
"I think the existing Municipalities Act does not permit extension of council tenure, so administrators may be appointed to both councils till the delimitation exercise is over," he added.
Goa state election commissioner M Mudassir said the commission will decide the election programme considering the progress of the delimitation work. A final decision will be taken on Monday, he said. [TOI]