Ponda sewage treatment plant to resume with pilot project


Public works department (PWD) minister Ramkrishna 'Sudin' Dhavalikar has announced that the Ponda sewage treatment plant that was pending for about two years would soon be taken up and expected to complete within a year or two.
He declared that a pilot project would be implemented at a housing colony at Warkhande-Ponda in a couple of month would be extended as per the planned area if it succeeded.
The sophisticated sewerage treatment plant initially estimated to cost 250 crore to resolve the sewage disposal problem in Ponda and Marcaim would now cost 400 crore and would treat the sewage from the surrounding areas as well, Dhavalikar declared.
"The objective of the project is to produce environmentally safe liquid and solid waste suitable as farm fertilizer," he said.
The project was initially designed by former Ponda MLA Ravi Naik in February 2011. [TOI]