Ponda sexual assault: PTA says supervisor is innocent


The sexual assault on the 4-year-old student outside the nursery school has taken an unusual turn, with the school manager and parents insisting that the accused arrested in the case is innocent and has been falsely implicated in the crime. The overwhelming support towards the arrested school supervisor, Vinod Mascarenhas, was reflected at a special PTA meeting of the school on Friday, which was attended by a large number of parents. Addressing the meeting, the school manager sought to expose various inconsistencies in the statements of the mother and her daughter, which had led Ponda police to arrest Mascarenhas on Wednesday. The mother had claimed that her child had been sexually assaulted near the school toilet on Tuesday morning, following a medical report that confirmed that there had some abrasions in the child’s genital area. Police later detained two persons in the connection and arrested one of them after the victim identified the accused. “Don’t get carried away by newspapers reports, which are basically statements released by the police. We all know Vinod and his behaviour. There is no need to even wonder if Vinod could have committed the crime or no. I know that Vinod is innocent and I will stand by him,” said the school manager, while addressing hundreds of parents gathered for the meet organised by the school management. [H]