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Ponda’s potholed road a death trap

Ponda: The large Pothole-developed located on sharp turn along the road opposite Maruthi Temple Varkhandem in Ponda town is posing great risk to motorists and bike riders and locals of Varkhandem and Ponda towners are demanding with government and Sewerage Department to fill and repair it properly to avoid fatal accidents since it very risky, especially for bike riders.The pot-hole developed is to the left side of the road while proceeding from Ponda to Panjim on a sharp turn.The speeding bike riders and other motorists get confuse after suddenly facing the potholed road on sharp turn and often take their vehicles from left to the extreme right to avoid the pothole. In the process they put others commuting the opposite direction into a risk as it can prove fatal for motorists as well as pedestrians.
To add to the problem at this spot on the opposite side of potholed road sewerage digging work is in progress and mud is deposited on side of road, turning this spot into an accident prone zone.Ankush Naik, who is member of Maruti Temple Committee, said that he was lucky to escape at this point when suddenly one motorist in process of avoiding the pothole drove his vehicle to the extreme right was about to dash his vehicle.He prayed the government, PWD Road Section and Sewerage Department to urgently take precautionary measures and fill and repair the pothole to prevent accidents at this place which has turned into a death trap. In the past fatal accidents have been reported on this sharp turn. [H]

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