Pork Vindalho

Pork Vindalho

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 1 kg lean pork, cleaned
Use Salt to taste
Use 10 dried red chillies/peppers
Use 10 peppercorns
Use 10 cloves garlic
Use 1 inch piece ginger
Use 8 cloves
Use 1 inch piece cinnamon
Use 1 tsp cumin seeds
Use ½ mustard seeds
Use ½ tsp sugar
Use ½ tsp vinegar
Use 2 tbsp oil
Use ½ peg coconut feni
Use 2 medium onions, chopped fine
Use 2 cups water



Wash the pork and sliced into 3 inch cubes. Wipe dry and put salt. Grind the next 5 ingredients in vinegar. Marinate the meet in the spice paste for 2 hours or overnight and place in the fridge. Take a pan, pour the marinated meat, sprinkle sugar and cover the pan. Cook on slow fire till meat is cooked. put salt and vinegar if necessary.