Possibilities for Low- budget films


 Harrikrishna Anenden, director of the film ‘ The Children of Troumaron’ was present at the 43rd International Film Festival of India.
Speaking about the difficulties of shooting a low budget film in Mauritius, Harrikrishna said, “ I shot the film with my younger son as the co- director, Sharvan Anenden and the script was written by my wife, Ananda Devi. There were several shots that I wanted to add in the film like the rain scene in the end but due to unavailability of facilities and an opportunity to create what we wanted, we could not do it. There were lots of problems with the post production. However, making films for a director is something that can’t be stopped. It’s like an addiction that has to be continued.” Speaking about creating a film on a story based on the book authored by his wife, Harrikrishna said, “ I met my wife when she had just published her first book and was selling them in Mauritius.
I got to know her and I gave her my word that if I ever direct a film, it will be based on her stories, I kept my word.
It is possible to create India anywhere. Even fiction is sometimes based on realities.” On the other hand, Ingrid Veninger, wants to make films that sets her imagination free.
Working with her daughter Halle and son Jacob in her directorial, Ingrid hopes film lovers will watch the film only at festivals. “ I started pUNKFILMS in 2003 and have produced 18 films and my manifesto is nothing is impossible.
With limited resources and technologies you can make films.” Ingrid stated that she is very spontaneous with her scripts and finishes writing one in about one or two months.
Speaking about her film at the IFFI she said. “‘ I am a g o o d p e r – son/ I am a bad person’ is a film based on film festivals and how a mother- daughter relationship falls apart while being at one. The film is only watchable at film festivals and will not be available in DVDs or theatres. It is about my experience at film festivals.” She also spoke on the restrictions of working on a micro budget film.
“ I have a two member crew, one boom mic and two small mics. I cannot expect helicopter shots but only a hand held or tripod based camera shot. I change my plans on the same day and since I am working with my son and daughter they understand it. I cannot imagine a film on a computer and more people means heavier machinery.” [H]