Post-Oct ’13, people will begin to see changing face of Mapusa town: Francis

The Deputy Chief Minister and Urban Development Minister, Mr Francis D’Souza, who has been the four-time Mapusa MLA, may have been lying low all this while as the party he belongs to – the BJP – was not in power for more than a decade. This led to the residents of Mapusa expressing unhappiness that the town had not changed under him and continued to remain static, however, Mr Francis D’Souza, after having come to occupy a major position in the state cabinet during this present term, has made up his mind over the development of Mapusa and has embarked upon a mission to transform Mapusa. Mr D’Souza says that post-October 2013, people from Mapusa and Bardez will begin to see the changing face of Mapusa town.  Mapusa, the commercial centre of Bardez, has remained devoid of any worthwhile projects or development for many decades now. The town does not have a good auditorium, nor a joggers park, nor a theatre of some standard, no convention centre, no amusement park, and many other features that mark a thriving town are woefully absent in Mapusa. The town does not even have a proper bus stand. Though Mapusa and Bardez have a lot of talented people, these people had no proper platform to showcase their talents. A few months back, a move was initiated to construct a Kala Bhavan near the Mapusa police station, however, this move fizzled out with Mr  D’Souza not in its favour, as it will only add to traffic congestion. [NT]