Pratima lashes out at govt for transferring Kotwale


Margao Municipal Vice Chairperson Pratima Coutinho has lashed out at the government for shunting out Chief Officer Srinet Kotwale within five months of his posting to Margao. She has demanded that the government bring back Kotwale to Margao to complete the projects taken up by the Civic body in the last five months.
Pratima has blamed the parivartan government for transferring Kotwale from Margao on political considerations. Like many other City Fathers, who expressed shock over Kotwale’s transfer when they were away in Daman attending a workshop on disaster management, Pratima said Kotwale should have been allowed at least till the confirmation of the minutes of the last Council meeting. “This only goes to show that someone is playing dirty tricks”, she said. [H]