Prayag’s Nabab tenders personal apology to Dempo coach Armando


Prayag United official Nabab Bhattacharya has apologised to Dempo SC head coach Armando Colaco for airing his views on the debate over impact of foreign coaches recently on a football website where he demeaned Armando’s achievements in football while ridiculing him.
Armando, in his characteristic fashion, had hit back strongly at Nabab saying that he will not tolerate if somebody makes unjust remarks over his achievements as a coach.
The Dempo coach had rubbished Nabab’s opinion when he had commented that foreign coaches are far more advanced tactically than the Indians. He had gone on to compare the achievements of Armando to that of Karim Bencherifa, in a bid to further prove his point.
On Saturday, in his apology to Armando Colaco, Nabab said: "I have highest respect for you which I even always tell in public. I never disrespected you nor would attempt to do so in the
Nabab clarified that he had no intention to hurt Armando.
"What I spoke actually is that foreign coaches are as good as Indian coaches. I never had any controversy with anyone in football circuit and once again I personally apologize to you. Hope good sense prevails," said Nabab. [NT]