Introduction :

Ingredients :

Use 1 kg pork (without bones)
Use 150 gm (one cup approx.) salt
Use 1 ½ tsp saltpetre
Use 1 large sour lime
Use 1 wine glass palm feni
Use 10 cloves
Use 2 inch piece of cinnamon


Do not wash the meat. Prick it well, rubbing in the salt in at the same time. Apply saltpetre, thoroughly.
Squeeze out the juice from the lime and sprinkle evenly over the meat. Pour the palm feni, too, in the same way, and keep the meat under weight for 24 hours (after about 10 or 12 hours turn the meat). Then wash the meat well and tie it into a roll placing spices inside. Cook till tender. Cool, remove string. When required, cut into fine slices and use for making sandwiches or serve with salad.