Priest questions credibility of molestation cases


Growing incidents of molestation may have angered the State, but some are now doubtful over the credibility of some molestation cases. Claiming that he is now concerned when women come to meet him, a priest has even gone to the extent of advising men to avoid crowded buses. In another view that could generate a controversy, the priest has also felt that certain amount of corporal punishment is necessary to improve the behaviour of children. Speaking at a school meeting in Ponda, Fr Felix Lobo raised concern over the growing number of molestation cases reported in the media “Molestation cases are reported in the bus and elsewhere. Sometimes, it is difficult to believe the credibility of such cases. Now, I even fear when women come to meet me and I would advise men to avoid travelling in crowded buses. They are better off if they board buses which have adequate seating space,” said Fr Lobo. [H]