Prioritise women’s safety: Activists to govt


The absence of a Gambling Commissioner, a permanent President for the Children’s Court, delay in notifying the appointment of the Women’s Commissioner and absence of a ‘strong’ Women’s Police Station in both districts of Goa were some of the issues raised by women activists on the eve of Women’s Day, Thursday.
 Representatives of various women NGOs told Herald that if the government was concerned about women in Goa, issues pertaining to safety, speedy justice and clamp down against crimes against women should have been given top priority over government schemes.
Sabina Martins, spokesperson of Bailancho Saad decried the delay in the appointment of a permanent Children’s Court President given the large number of pending cases pertaining to girl children. Likewise she underlined the delay in appointing a Gambling Commissioner to regulate casinos, and Women’s Commissioner which she said poses a problem for women.
Ezilda Sapeco, former chairperson of the Women’s Commission said, “It is high time government upgraded the women’s police station to serve women in distress.”  
Sapeco said Women’s Commission itself should be strengthened and suggested short stay shelters for women in distress managed by the commission. 
Adv Caroline Collasso of Bailancho Manch said, “Domestic violence and dowry are major issues confronting women in Goa today.” 
While laws exist, she regretted that support systems are not women-friendly.
Auda Viegas of Bailancho Ekvott said, “The issue of child abuse needs to be looked into seriously.” The community as a whole has a role to play in providing a safe environment for women and girl children. [H]